The Stalker

olak10It's back..........As seen in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine "The Stalker"

Made for ground or tree stand moves with can push it up on your back in the thick stuff or with a simple one hand clip you can drop it for your final stalk....You will never hear a rattling or feather rustle using the Stalker.I f you like using tree stands the Stalker's shoulder strap unclips and can be wrapped around a tree to keep it close and your arrows ready..... It comes in dark brown or saddle tan......most like the dark brown. Made out of top grade cowhide.  All the same features as the Powderhorn but the file is excluded.  All the same features as the Powderhorn but the file is excluded

Large holds 6 arrows..............$139.00
Small holds 4 arrows...............$134.00

Ronnie Hall and double pigs
using a 6 Arrow Stalker

Jeff Fleck bagged this pig
using a 4 Arrow Stalker
"Gary Logsdon, Noted wildlife and
outdoor photographer with a nice doe.
A 6 arrow Stalker is pictured."


"Ron LaClair used a 6 arrow stalker
(Shrew Mantis) at this years Shrew Haven hunt."

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