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Knives and Sheaths

KS12 A quality knife deserves a quality Sheath” . Any good knife is going to be a sharp knife.  It is very important to have a sheath that is built correctly to protect the knife and you from the sharp edge.  The welt (the edge of the sheath)  should go the full length of the sheath.  It should be thick enough to be balanced with the thickness of the knife handle. It’s main job is to keep the knife from cutting the threads on the sheath.

Many knives are designed in a way that an internal security fit inside the sheath is all that is needed to keep the knife securely in the sheath.  The plus side of this, you can access the knife without having to unsnap a safety strap.  This isn’t possible for knives with a double bolster (finger guard).  In this case the only option is to use a safety security strap.  I prefer to use Sam Brown buttons instead of snaps…….Sam Brown buttons are dead silent….good for critical use.

A custom knife sheath adds value, longevity, and if truly custom beauty to the knife.  Below are a few I’ve done in the past.  They are presented here to perhaps suggest ideas for your own custom sheath.

For a custom sheath please call to discuss ideas.  Normally I will be able to price the sheath over the phone.  For plan working sheaths they usually run from $30 to $65 depending on the size of the knife.

Thanks for your interest in my work.


Below are a few examples of custom sheaths.

Inlaid-snake-sheath-sm LaClair-Kinman-Bowie-003-sm La-bowie-shoulder-carry-sm

Inlaid sheath using boa snake skin.  I dyed the skin to take on an complimentary color to match the patina of the ivory knife handle.

Sheaths for the Kinman Bowie  One sheath with simple boarder stamping and the other with a rattle snake skin insert.  Notice neither sheath requires a saftey strap for a secure carry.

Ron LaClairs bowie with a shoulder carry harness. Any big knife would best be carried in this gets the load off the waist belt and is easier, quicker to extract.

Feather sheath Simple sheath custom belt sheath
Rattle Snake Sheath with harness Slip Sheath Two Tone tooled sheath
Buckskinner sheaths Folding Knife Sheaths Belt Sheath for clip knife I

Picture Frames

DillbillyPictureFramesmWe do custom picture frames.  All sizes and dimensions.  Save that special hunt, family photo, or a special photo you took on a favorite hunt.

These items are all custom made to order. Call me at 615-351-5220 or email me to order.

Check Book Cover

CoverLayers200Fully leather lined..........initials can be carved on one side and another carving on the other side.  Initials are free when another carving is selected. Got a "Brand"  send it I'll carve it on the check book.

Prices:  Plain $30.00

As Shown $50.00

With Initials Only $40.00

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Cell Phone Holster

IMG 2468Cell phone holsters are designed to be carried on a belt, clipped to pants pocket, or clipped at the top of a purse.  The clip is stainless steel and very strong.  Unlike some of the plastic clips you find on the market these will not loose their strength and offer a very secure fit regardless of how you prefer to carry your phone
Made of 5/6 oz top grain cow hide (the same type used to build saddles) for durability, basket weave stamping on the front a nice flare to the design. All edges stitched with a seven strand wax impregnated thread to prevent stretching.
Choice of saddle tan, dark brown, or black and either a deer antler button or Buffalo nickle on the tip of the closure strap.

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