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A back quiver should stay up on your shoulder so you can easily reach and pull arrows out.  If it slides down your back you will have to reach back with your bow hand and push the quiver up so yo  can reach the arrows.
A back quiver should stay open at the top so arrows can be replaced without having to turn your head to find the opening... it should also stay open at the bottom so large tipped arrows like broadheads and judo points have room.
A well designed quiver will crush in the middle... this is what keeps your arrows quiet and keeps them from sliding out when you bend over.
Lining the inside of the quiver with fleece is only for looks... it give very little help keeping arrows quiet if the quiver is not properly designed.
All my back quivers have the above design features.  I make them out of the same type of leather used to make saddles... this leather is intended to be in the weather, stand sweat, and be used hard.
Big and roomy. These quivers have a specially designed shoulder strap that resists sliding. Stays up on the shoulder for quick access to arrows.  Each quiver depth is adjusted to properly fit your arrow length.


deepwoodsquiverslgThe Hunter (no fringe) and Rover Back quiver (with fringe)

The Hunter (without fringe) is a large roomy quiver made of tough leather. The top is Round braided with kangaroo leather. Large antler butt tie back. color- medium (shown) or dark brown.

Models as shown:
The Hunter $200.00
The Rover  $225.00

The Rover sports extra long deer skin fringe giving this quiver a traditional look. It is at home at tournaments or in the deep woods. Includes top and bottom overlays for extra body and durability. The top is Round Braided. Large antler butt tie back with long leather strings. colors - medium or dark brown
Both models are hand dyed. Your initials are stamped on the bottom at no charge - Each holds up to 35 arrows easily.

Custom Supreme Rover

Full Custom. Want to make a family heirloom? This is one that you will want to hang in the den and pass on. The quiver is full hand carved and hand painted.

fishscale-quivervFish Scale Quiver

This is a dramatic touch to any quiver.... fully tooled fish scale design on top, pocket flap, and bottom overlay. The quiver is made out  of the same tough leather used for my other back quivers. The more you use it the better it will get. It will last a life time. Fish scale back quiver. With or without pocket. Extra long deer skin fringe.

Quiver comes standard with Deer antler Button on the top over lay, carved flint chip arrow head (and initials if you choose) on the bottom overlay and without a pocket.

The quiver pictured with a pocket and elk rossett is $345.00 plus shipping.

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twin-whitetailsTHE SUPREME SERIES....

The Supreme and Supreme Rover (with pocket) Series back quivers can have any animal or bird carving you like either on the top overlay or on the bag body....the Supreme and Supreme Rover pictured show portraits of whitetails harvested by a father and son.   The quiver comes with or without a pocket. The top and bottom are braided with handcut cowhide lace.  They are made for right or left hand specific to insure a proper carry.

The depth of each quiver is adjusted according to  arrow length and the shoulder strap gives 9" of length change.
(See the design attributes up above that a back quiver should have.)
Colors are Saddle Tan (shown) or Dark Brown.
Prices are with any animal or bird hand carved and painted is $325.00 plus shipping and insurance.
Portraits of Trophy animals, pets, or insignas may cost a little more.

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