Arm Guards

North American Large Game Arm Guards

carved-bear-armguard-sm carved-deer-armguard-sm

This is a new line of armguards celebrating North American Large Game....Just a simple carving of your favorite game animal or bird with your initial carved at the bottom.
Deer antler button ties are included.   Special two tone hand dyed to highlight the carving.

Price as shown:   $45.00 plus shipping   (Turkeys in strut are higher priced)

Arm Guards

armguard2All armguards are made from sturdy cowhide tooling leather. This leather is tough, durable, and able to with stand sweaty forearms. Virtually any design can be incorporated on one of these. So you have a great opportunity to be creative here.

Give me an idea and I will produce it for you. Company logo, any wildlife animal or bird, mystical Indian fetishes, you name it. And of course an armguard is a great place for your initials. Sizes are small and large.

The large one is design to go over the bulkiest Winter Coat. The small is good for summer time and fall shooting. Specify Men's or Women's. All armguards come with button thong ties or optional deer antler buttons.

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