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fshbpp9A back quiver should stay up on your shoulder so you can easily reach and pull arrows out.  If it slides down your back you will have to reach back with your bow hand and push the quiver up so yo  can reach the arrows.

A back quiver should stay open at the top so arrows can be replaced without having to turn your head to find the opening... it should also stay open at the bottom so large tipped arrows like broadheads and judo points have room.

A well designed quiver will crush in the middle... this is what keeps your arrows quiet and keeps them from sliding out when you bend over.
Lining the inside of the quiver with fleece is only for looks... it give very little help keeping arrows quiet if the quiver is not properly designed.
All my back quivers have the above design features.  I make them out of the same type of leather used to make saddles... this leather is intended to be in the weather, stand sweat, and be used hard.

Big and roomy. These quivers have a specially designed shoulder strap that resists sliding. Stays up on the shoulder for quick access to arrows.  Each quiver depth is adjusted to properly fit your arrow length.


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