Art Vincent is an award winning leather carver and artist. His leather work has been featured on the cover of international magazines several times and his designs are used by gun and archery shooter the world over. His murals grace the walls of Opryland Hotel in Nashville TN and some of the finest homes in America.

Art didn't start out being a leather craftsman and artist.  His first love from early childhood was hunting and trapping. Running his own trap lines as early as 12.

His first bow was a Roy Rogers Signature, he say, "I think the draw weight was about 15 lbs, but it still killed my first woodchuck, when I was 10."

Art's love of archery has never fallen. He has won over 20 state championships in both 3-D and NFAA competitions. And, is the current NFAA Indoor State Champion in the traditional class. Art competes in only the traditional classes and shoots both the longbow and recurve finding it hard to like one style more than the other.

He has developed a reputation for being a designer of leather goods for the outdoorsman, but his leather work goes beyond mere function.  It's true that his designs work but it is his intent to create heirlooms that owners will pass down to the coming generations.

All of his leather gear has been field tested by some of the hardest hunting folks you would ever have the pleasure of knowing………so his guarantee is simple.

"If it breaks, I'll fix it…….all guaranteed for my life. After that it's your problem."

Enjoy what you see here.

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